TheCityFix’s Top 10 Blogs from 2018

In 2018, we watched cities around the world grapple with the new mobility transition. Shared, electric and autonomous transportation, at the touch of the button, is redefining how people get around.

At the same time, the ultimate effect of these technologies on cities remains unclear, and the fundamentals of some age-old problems, like road safety, are unchanged.

More than 120 experts and thought leaders, both from within WRI and without, contributed to TheCityFix in 2018. Our top 10 blogs, by pageviews, feature global voices writing about new trends, innovative research and insightful analysis.

How to integrate new and existing modes of transport around smart and safe infrastructure, and how to plan cities that are more responsive to residents were pervasive themes throughout the year. The diversity of thought brought important nuance and depth to the global discourse on how cities can shape a brighter future.

1. Toward Car-Free Cities: 3 Reasons Why London’s Congestion Charge Is Working, Shiyong Qiu, Thet Hein Tun and Darío Hidalgo

2. From China to Colombia, 5 Cities Making Streets Safer by Design, Nikita Luke and Ben Welle

3. How 3 Cities Are Navigating the Transition to Electric Buses, Christopher Moon-Miklaucic and Talia Rubnitz

4. Dockless Bike-Sharing Is Reshaping Cities – But We’re Not Sure How Yet, Luca Lo Re

5. As Cities Grapple With Mobility Revolution, 10 Principles Emerge to Guide Them, Robin Chase

6. How Did Shenzhen Build the World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet?, Lu Lu, Lulu Xue and Weimin Zhou

7. Design as Democracy: Barcelona’s ‘Carritos’ Encourage a More Inclusive Urbanism, David de la Peña

8. Need New Ideas to Advance Public Transport? Look to Vienna, Darío Hidalgo

9. We Know How to Save Millions from Dying on the World’s Roads, Anna Bray Sharpin, Ben Welle and Claudia Adriazola-Steil

10. 4 Lessons from Bhopal and Bogotá on Launching Citywide Bike Sharing, Christopher Moon-Miklaucic and Valeria Gelman

Thank you to our wonderful contributors and thousands of readers in 2018! We look forward to continuing our exploration of urban transformation in 2019.

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