TheCityFix’s Top 10 Blogs from 2019

Cities are hotspots for global innovation and transformative change, from restoring urban vitality through street design to enhancing access through data-driven solutions. In 2019, we watched as cities took on these challenges, leading the charge into a new decade.

Our teams on the ground are experimenting with urban transformation to improve quality of life. In India and Brazil, experts turn to Complete Streets to improve road safety and prioritize people. In Mexico City and across Africa, researchers explore the question of urban access, evaluating the use of technology and mapping to decipher urban equity. These complex issues permeate continental divides, demonstrating our global reach.

TheCityFix’s top blogs from 2019 explore the biggest questions for cities today. More than 140 experts and thought leaders, from WRI and externally, contributed over 130 blogs this year. Our top 10 blogs, by pageviews, feature voices from eight countries, writing about new trends, innovative research and insightful analysis that resonate around the world.

1. 4 Emerging Concepts that Could Transform Cities, Anne Maassen and Madeleine Galvin

2. Photo Essay: Porto Alegre Uses Tactical Urbanism to Transform João Alfredo Street, Bruno Batista, Priscila Pacheco and Ariadne Samios

3. 8 Ways to Reduce Road Fatalities Using the ‘Safe System’ Approach, Nikita Luke and Anna Bray Sharpin

4. Redesigning One of Mumbai’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 3 Simple Steps, Amit Bhatt, Binoy Mascarenhas and Dhawal Ashar

5. From Jobs to Education, Inequality in Mexico City Is About Access, Mauricio Brito, Lorelei Ramírez Reyes, Jorge Macías and Eric Mackres

6. In African Cities, Mapping Paratransit Makes for Smarter Mobility, Travis Fried and Iman Abubaker

7. Celebrating 18 Years of TransMilenio: Growing Pains and What Lies Ahead for Bogotá’s BRT, Darío Hidalgo

8. 8 Principles to Better Sidewalks, Hillary Smith and Paula Manoela dos Santos

9. India’s Environmental Challenges in 10 Images, Raj Bhagat Palanichamy

10. Too Many Cities Are Growing Out Rather Than Up. Three Reasons That’s a Problem., Jillian Du and Anjali Mahendra

Thank you to our contributors and thousands of readers in 2019! We look forward to continuing our exploration of urban transformation in 2020.

Talia Rubnitz is a Communications Specialist at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

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