Friday Fun: Musical Bikes

Dutch designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong created a prototype of a bicycle that plays vinyl records as it rides. They call their project “Feats per Minute” and are travelling the world showing off their creation. The designers unveiled their unique record player in October of last year at the Dezeen platform in London, an exhibition of design and architecture from around the world.

Riding with your headphones on is an obvious safety risk. It compromises your ability to catch aural cues in case of danger. Yet, car drivers can listen to music without compromising their safety. With the help of this new design, bikes are now one step closer to owning the luxuries of private vehicles.

With roots in Amsterdam, the designers believe it’s important that everybody bikes around the city and that they have fun while riding. The project was born out of this idea of making biking practical and fun.

The designers used a vertical record player and attached it to the bike using a cap. The foundation of Feats per Minute is a 30-year-old Alpina bike purchased for 65 Euros ($90). It will be worth much more than that once they’re ready to sell their work.

If you’re a fan of Cher, you can find a similar project Jason Sherry built couple of years ago below.

Follow Feats Per Minute here.

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