Friday Fun: Fine Dining in New York City Public Transit

Petit filet mignon with pomme puree and asparagus; hamchi crudo with bone marrow, trout roe, laproaig and sweet lime; foie en brioche with port wine and raisin; and a chocolate and gold leaf panna cotta with raspberry. Salivating, yet?

What you just read is not the menu for one of New York City’s posh restaurants but rather a portion of an elegant dining experience that took place on the city’s subway system. Check out the full menu here.

A razor, a shiny knife is an organization that hosts educational, social and theatrical culinary events around the world. The organization arranges both simple and extravagant events to generate new and interesting ways for people to interact with food and each other. On May 1, 2011, along with Studiofeast,  The Cheeky Chef and Winetology’s Jonny Cigar, the organization took to New York City’s subway system to host one of these unforgettable fine-dining experiences for subway riders. In a unique experience public transit commuters became part of a perfectly choreographed and exquisitely prepared culinary affair.

Watch the video above to see how the events unfolded on that fine spring day. Click here to see images from the day.

You can also watch below the execution of the main course from the staging apartment to platform plating.

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