Washington, D.C. to Host Transportation Camp 2012

Attendees of this transport-themed "unconference" can suggest their own session topics and activities. Photo by Ryan Resella.

After completing two successful Transportation Camp events in 2011 (in San Francisco and New York City), OpenPlans, a nonprofit technology organization, is hosting this year’s Transportation Camp in Washington, D.C. this weekend. OpenPlans is behind some of the greatest intersections of urban life, technology and communications, including OpenGeo, Streetfilms, Streetsblog and OpenTripPlanner.

Part of the event’s mission is to raise awareness of how recent advances in technology can help solve urban mobility issues by connecting innovators in public administration, transportation operations, information design and software engineering.

Saturday’s event is organized as an “unconference,” which means that in addition to traditional talks and presentations from experts in technology and transportation the event will also provide an opportunity for every attendee to be a participant. Attendees can help organize the event by suggesting session topics and activities leading up to the event.

As of now the event’s attendance is at full capacity, but you can still register in case spots open up. You can also follow the day’s events through Transportation Camp’s Twitter account or through the Twitter hashtag #transpo. You can also read more about similar topics on Transportation Camp’s group blog, Open Transportation.

Mobility Lab and Greater Greater Washington are event partners.

Register here for Transportation Camp 2012 in Washington, D.C.

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