Vote to "Drive Innovation in Public Transport"


Through its Project 10 to the 100th, Google is committing $10 million to up to five promising ideas that will help change the world. To make sure that this money goes to “drive innovation in public transport,” vote now by clicking here. Deadline: October 8, 2009.

Also, suggest an organization that you think would be good at implementing the final idea. Google will reach out to relevant organizations to participate in a Request-for-Proposal process. Submit your nominations here. (May we suggest EMBARQ – The World Resources Institute Center for Sustainable Transport?)

What will your vote help achieve?

Develop new transportation technologies to help move more people with less energy, greater efficiency and fewer casualties. Millions of people still use methods of transportation invented a hundred or more years ago. Even small improvements in speed, safety, cost and environmental efficiency would have a large impact on people’s lives, and on the planet as a whole. With such improvements in mind, transportation-minded users submitted ideas ranging from a hydrogen-powered bicycle to an airship optimized for commuter travel. By aligning with and supporting organizations that share these goals, this proposal aims to drive innovation in this sector and make the best of these ideas a reality.

Some of the suggestions that inspired this big idea include the following, according to Google:

  1. Design a community light rail system for use by bicycles and minimum-powered vehicles
  2. Build a rail car system that adapts fuel cars to also run on electric railway networks
  3. Create a transportation system that enables electric cars to run on a rail-type system
  4. Promote bicycle commuting via more efficient bike safety systems
  5. Design electric bicycles powered by hydrogen or methanol fuel cells
  6. Build airships for public transport
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