HopStop Reveals Top Urban Travel Trends

HopStop, a provider of pedestrian navigation and mobile transit routing services, released the Urban Travel Patterns infographic last week. The infographic gives insights into how commuters in more than 68 major metropolitan areas across 150+ cities travel. “Based on more than 400 million completed routes and 2.25 billion miles traveled by HopStop users, the infographic showcases urban travel dynamics in major cities, as well as how consumers are engaging with HopStop’s online and mobile services to get around town,” the company explains.

Here are some interesting key findings from HopStop’s data:

  • Chicago ranks as the city with the longest average transit commute (47.1 minutes) and the longest average bike trip as well (7.24 miles.)
  • Philadelphia has the longest taxi trip on average (6.9 miles.)
  • Baltimore is the top carbon-conscious city, with travelers there saving an average of 3.59 pounds of CO2 per route.
  • Miami is the leading calorie-burning city, with 44 calories burned on average per route.
  • The top three biking cities are Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York.

According to HopStop, the users of the service search for more than 6,500 routes every hour and use HopStop the most on Thursdays for their travel needs. The full infographic is below.

HopStop’s homepage is also now featuring a dynamic, real-time stats counter that tracks daily totals for miles traveled, calories burned and pounds of CO2 saved by users.

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HopStop infographic

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