HopStop Encourages Pedestrian Traffic, Boosts Local Economy

HopStop's newest program for local businesses offers free 30-day geo-tagged advertisements for local businesses. Photo by lumierefl.

HopStop, a location-based pedestrian navigation service, in partnership with Enriched Media, is introducing a new small business advertisement program that offers local merchants, tourist attractions and event organizers in New York City free geo-targeted advertising. Local businesses and event planners throughout New York City will now be able to sign up for a complimentary advertising campaign that includes 12,500 free ad impressions (valued at $250.) The ads will be placed on HopStop.com for 30 consecutive days for the appropriate geographic locations in order to help drive targeted foot traffic to local businesses.

Small business owners interested in the free ads can create them on the self-service platform on HopStop.com. Here, business owners can also preview, submit and monitor the performance of their geo-targeted ads. To create the ads, local business owners must submit the business name, street address, neighborhood, company logo and image, and the company’s website to HopStop. Once submitted, the geo-targeted ads will then appear within HopStop’s direction results when a HopStop user searches for directions within the merchant’s local neighborhood.

There is no deadline for free ad submissions and the program will soon expand to other major cities. There will also be a paid version of the program available for those local businesses who wish to continue advertising on HopStop after the free trial.

According to HopStop:

“Businesses can sign up once for the free advertising offer, and when they do they’ll also receive a free direction link to post on their website which (when clicked upon) will provide customers with HopStop-powered directions to their business or local event. In order to qualify for HopStop’s free geo-targeted local advertising program, businesses simply need to post the free HopStop direction link on either their main website or mobile website.”

To learn more about HopStop’s free 30-day geo-tagged advertisement program, click here.

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