Friday Fun: Sustainable transport just got sexier
Couple on train

Your decision to ride public transport shows that special someone you care about the environment, your health, and that you’ve got great people skills. Photo by Paul Lowry.

Have you ever wondered what message you’re sending that special someone through how you get around? According to a recent survey, you probably should. Out of 2,000 British men and women polled by, an online facilitator for buying and selling cars, 48% of men believed that expensive cars made them more attractive, while a majority of women labeled them as “arrogant.” The bottom line of the survey’s results is that fuel efficiency is sexy – the findings showed that driving a less fuel intensive car, like the Toyota Prius or other hybrids, is the best way for individuals to portray themselves as environmentally conscientious, smart, and safe on the road.

Here at TheCityFix, we’re taking these results to the next level – here’s why riding public transport makes you even sexier than that cutie driving a Prius.

Riding public transport shows you care about the environment

We all know that climate change is a big deal. The most recent IPCC report, released last Friday, confirmed that, “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia.” Yikes. So what are you doing about it?

Riding public transport is one of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact. In case you haven’t gotten the memo, that’s a cool thing to do. By choosing public transport over a private vehicle, you can help reduce trips made by cars or motorcycles, greenhouse gas emissions, and traffic congestion – all at the same time. Further, you’ll be contributing to making your city a more livable place through better air quality and less noise pollution.

You care about your health, too

If your chosen mode of transport includes vigorous physical activity, like bicycling or walking, you’re already reaping the many benefits of exercise. While the physical benefits range from weight loss to better functioning of the body’s systems, important mental benefits include a lower risk of depression and anxiety, and a generally improved mood.

Even those who use public transport for the majority of their daily commute, and walk or bike the remaining distance to their destination, get more physical activity than those who travel exclusively by private vehicle. They’re also closer to getting the recommended 20 minutes of daily exercise than car users. Although it may be a positive externality of public transport, effective systems encourage a healthier lifestyle, which we think just might help you score your next date.

You’ve got better people skills

We’ve all experienced occasional annoyances on public transit, but hey, those moments gave you great stories to tell at happy hour, and taught you how to deal with all sorts of folks. You’ve developed better people skills as a result of riding public transport, because you’re constantly engaging with new people. Although it’s true that many passengers get sucked in by their iPhones or the latest Game of Thrones book, there’s still a sense of camaraderie on public transport that can’t be replaced by sitting alone in a traffic jam.

Through using mass transit, you’re strengthening your community ties – a good indication that you’ll be a good partner in a relationship. Plus, you never know when you might meet that next sweetheart. Some cities, like Prague, are even introducing singles cars to their metro systems. Just remember to be considerate of other riders, as public displays of affection aren’t tolerated everywhere. In September, lovebirds who were overly affectionate prompted a Vienna transport authority to go so far as issuing a statement that kissing on public transport is rude.

Keep these three reasons in mind as you’re traveling home on public transport tonight, and we promise you’ll get a boost of confidence – just in time for the weekend.

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