Friday Fun: Halloween’s gotten the sustainable cities bug
New York City subway costume

This Halloween, there are plenty of transport and urban planning inspired costumes out there – including this group dressed as a New York City subway car. Photo by Gene Han.

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a minute to appreciate all of the excellent transport and urban planning inspired Halloween costumes out there.

Scouring the web reveals endless possibilities for creative costumes with a message about urban living. From Planetizen’s list of costumes for urban planners (personal rapid transit, pocket park, roundabout…) to getups for cyclists (commuter, recreational cyclist…), and eco-inspired alternatives (global warming, Mother Earth, FrankenFood…), it’s clear this holiday has gotten the sustainability cities bug.

A few of our favorite transport inspired costumes, and costumes spotted on public transport

Three youngsters as train

Youngsters get on board with public transport early in life. Photo by Konrad Summers.

New York City subway costume

A slightly less cute, but just as enthusiastic, adult version of a New York City subway train. Photo by Gene Han.

Spiderman on bus

Flying monkey on metro

A flying monkey enjoys its trip on the metro. Photo by Sharon Terry.

Sleeping chick

This chick is tuckered out from trick or treating – what better way to relax than catching some shut eye on the bus? Photo by Leon R.

“Muni Mash” scares passengers into courteous behavior on public buses

This year, Halloween was even used as a tool by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to “scare” riders on public buses into observing common courtesies with fellow passengers – like giving up a seat to elderly or disabled individuals. This is the latest twist on a movement to improve behavior on public transport, like Perth, Australia’s “Two Hoots” campaign. Co-funded by The Arc, a San Francisco based organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, SFMTA produced “The Muni Mash” – a parody of Bobby Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers’ classic “Monster Mash.”

Did you see anything out of the ordinary during your commute on public transport today? Leave a description of the best costume you saw in the comment section!

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