Friday Fun: Transport Trick-or-Treat!
Think you can come up with a better sustainable transport costume this Halloween? Photo by Chuck.

Think you can come up with a better sustainable transport costume this Halloween? Photo by Chuck.

City streets can sometimes be scary, making it an appropriate Halloween theme! A transport-related Halloween costume is creative and intelligent. (Check out Planetizen’s list of Halloween costume ideas for urban planners, including Banned Plastic Bag and Inclusionary Zoning.) Such a costume would be a great conversation starter as you share information on the importance of sustainable transportation and urban planning. Here are some show-stopping, conversation-igniting and thought-provoking costumes that send a message of sustainable city living:

Crash Test Dummy

Also known as anthropomorphic test devices, crash test dummies have saved millions of lives. Cars are safer to drive because of what these “dummies” have taught scientists about the impact of collision. And even though these dummies cost tens of thousands of dollars you can make your own for a few bucks. All you need is an all-white or orange outfit and tape or paint to make the markings like the crash test dummies.


Optimus Prime

Did you know there is a 40-foot statue of Optimus Prime in Yunnan Province, China? The most revered animated tractor-trailer unit, Optimus Prime is a symbol of caution, road safety and ultra coolness.

Optimus Prime

Traffic Light

The first traffic light was installed in 1868 outside the British Houses of Parliament in London. Back then, it was a gas lantern that posed a hazard of exploding to anyone who operated. These days, the electric traffic light is one of the best inventions helping to alleviate the nightmare of city driving and road congestion. They are also easy and fun costumes to make. All you need is an all-yellow outfit and three circles placed vertically across the outfit with the infamous red, amber and green signals.



What better way to celebrate America’s iconic inter-city bus line then dressing your pooch as a Greyhound bus?


Metro Map

Last year, some loyal readers of Greater Greater Washington dressed up as Washington, D.C.’s Metro system and Silver Line. According to the blog, “A Metro transit police officer also took a picture, and a train operator gave them a thumbs up.”


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