BRT Experience, Day 1: Simple yet Captivating Marketing

1 Metrobus replaces 126 automobiles. Photo by Mariana Gil / EMBARQ Brazil.

version of this post was originally published on TheCityFix Brasil by Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti on May 1, 2012.

Beginning on April 29, EMBARQ Brazil is organizing two missions with journalists from Rio de Janeiro to visit some of the best bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in the Americas. The project is funded by Fetranspor, the federation of passenger transport companies in the state of Rio de Janeiro. This post is part of the “BRT Experience” series.

During a technical visit to one of the Metrobus maintenance centers yesterday, we saw that some buses in the fleet display messages to promote public transport, such as “1 Metrobus replaces 126 automobiles.”

Metrobus vehicles display marketing messages in support of public transport. Photo by Mariana Gil / EMBARQ Brazil.

This is an example of simple and honest marketing that makes people stop and think about the real need to forgo private cars, which lead to unnecessary congestion, and opt for mass transit, instead. Branding and marketing campaigns like this seem to be a good way to start this debate. What do you think?

The team enjoyed the BRT experience. Check out our  group photo, below!

The study tour group visited one of the Metrobus maintenance centers. Photo by Mariana Gil / EMBARQ Brazil.


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