5 Finalists Transforming Urban Spaces: The 2020-2021 Prize for Cities [PODCAST]
All five finalists for the 2020-2021 WRI Ross Center Prize for Cities demonstrate effective, unique approaches to tackling urban inequality and climate change together. Photo by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

The WRI Ross Center Prize for Cities is the premier global award celebrating and spotlighting transformative urban change. The five finalists for the $250,000 prize come from very different urban environments — in Kenya, Argentina, Mexico, India and the United Kingdom — but all demonstrate how to effectively tackle both urban inequality and climate change together.

In this episode of WRI’s “Big Ideas Into Action” podcast, we hear about all five 2020-2021 Prize for Cities finalists and what makes each of them special, from urban agriculture to community designed public space. Anne Maassen, WRI’s global lead on the prize, explains the challenges faced by residents in each city and the unique solutions the finalists came up with.

WRI’s Big Ideas Into Action podcast · Big Ideas Into Action #21: Ross Center Cites Prize finalists

For more on the Prize for Cities, including video profiles of each of the finalists featured as clips in this episode, go to prizeforcities.org.

Sustainable Food Production for a Resilient Rosario, a project by the municipality of Rosario, Argentina, was announced as the grand prize winner on June 29, 2021. Each finalist also received $25,000.

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