David Byrne Perking Up Bike Parking in NYC
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David Byrne of the Talking Heads (a well-known band from the 1980’s) and the Department of Transportation are promoting awareness for biking in the Big Apple through bike racks inspired by the various neighborhoods of New York City. Through July of 2009, 9 districts feature eye-catching, designer bike racks suited to their temporary homes:

Byrne, a long time bicycle enthusiast, was originally selected a juror for a design competition to modernize city bike racks with the DOT. He was so inspired by the city’s efforts to promote bicycling that he offered 9 of his own original designs.

While designer bike parking hardly seems like a necessity in urban transportation issues, a giant guitar or designer shoe bolted to New York’s busy sidewalks will certainly bring more attention and awareness to biking in the Big Apple, proving in the true New York fashion that even sustainable transport can be stylish.

From more information, the original article from the New York Times.

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