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Useful Knowledge and Building Blocks of Change: An Outside Perspective on the WRI Ross Prize
Useful Knowledge and Building Blocks of Change: An Outside Perspective on the WRI Ross Prize
Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in a day-long roundtable discussion with the five finalists for the WRI Ross Prize Cities, organized by WRI at the Ford Foundation in New York City. The roundtable followed the first-ever award ...
Bogota's BRT - TransMilenio
How the built environment influences who rides bus rapid transit
There are currently 190 cities in the world using bus rapid transit (BRT) systems to serve the mobility needs of more than 31 million daily passengers. The BRT boom over the past 15 years has been a significant step toward ...
Erik Vergel-Tovar, 2014 Lee Schipper Scholar
Building for BRT: A Q&A with 2014 Lee Schipper Scholar Erik Vergel-Tovar
Erik Vergel-Tovar, no stranger to TheCityFix, is a PhD candidate in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he researches the rich relationship between bus rapid transit (BRT) – a ...
Transit-oriented development strategies can help urban areas develop sustainably, uniting land use, transport planning, and urban design to create more people-oriented cities. Pictured: Small businesses and pedestrians at a hub near Mexico City's Metrobús bus rapid transit (BRT) system. Photo by Justin Swan/Flickr.
People-oriented Cities: Demystifying transit-oriented development
The “People-oriented Cities” series – exclusive to TheCityFix and WRI Insights – is an exploration of how cities can grow to become more sustainable and livable through transit-oriented development (TOD). The nine-part series will address different urban design techniques and trends ...
Photo by blmurch.
Weaving people back into the urban fabric
If cities are to be more people-oriented, shouldn’t we work on sharing the space with each other? That’s  the intention of the Bench of Friendship, upon which it is impossible to sit alone. Sponsored by the British-based Fisherman’s Friend and ...
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