Kickstarter Gives a Boost to Sustainable Urban Development

Click on the above image to watch a short trailer for "My Brooklyn."

A new project listed on Kickstarter, a crowdsourced fundraising platform, is asking for support to create a documentary on gentrification in Brooklyn, New York. The documentary, “My Brooklyn,”  will explore the public policies of the past 10 years that have led to gentrification. The film will document the fixation on upscale, high-rise buildings and show how this obsession is threatening the economic, racial and ethnic diversity of the area, as well as its neighborhood character. An interesting question for the filmmakers would be to examine how new urban developments affect access to safe, affordable and convenient transit.

The documentary focuses specifically on the 2004 re-zoning in downtown Brooklyn that led to the construction of luxury condominiums and displaced a community of African-Americans.

The project is currently working to raise $20,000 in order to hire an editor and finalize the film in the upcoming months. Donate to the project here.

And if you’re interested in learning more about other Kickstarter projects related to sustainable transport and urban planning, check out these projects:


Redesign Jeepneys to open up into a mobile outdoor school. Equip this with netbooks, project materials, and access to the internet Provide teacher support and professional development opportunities Reach a community of schools consistently through the school year Employ parents and allow teachers to eventually own the JeepNeeds in 1.5 years Drive around, do really cool hands on activities, and watch students build projects that change the world

Post-Car Adventuring Guidebooks

Post-Car Adventuring Guidebooks feature trips and how-to information published via both print and online media… The trips detailed and described in our books provide inspiration and ideas for car-free trips to areas commonly thought be to inaccessible without a personal automobile.

TRANSIT/STASIS: Negotiating Movement in the City

The publication will feature interviews, essays, and artist posters reflecting our exploration of the intersection between art and urban transit; technology and systems of movement.

Spirit of Hope Bike Parking

Despite the growing population of cyclists, Spirit of Hope Church is without bike parking. Give them the kick they need to commission a local metal artists to hook them up.

Trains-Forming America

We intend to use this documentary as a little window into the current state of the rail systems here and abroad. We want to start a dialog about transportation in America with the public and see what you really think about high-speed rail and moderate-speed rail.

A frequent transit guide for Cincinnati

This map reduces the system’s current complication to a legible structure that is complex but interconnected, with an easily visible structure of primary, secondary, and tertiary routes. The map is laid out so that people who are new to riding the bus can quickly and easily see which line they need to take, how to take it, and most importantly how long they can expect to wait.


MIND THE GAP is a multi-platform documentary project examining the exciting work individuals, advocates and governments are doing to foster sustainable urban transit.  The project includes a feature length film, event series, and webisode series.

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