How More Equal Cities Can Be Climate and Development Solutions [PODCAST]
A major new WRI report shows how cities can reimagine urban service provision, include the excluded, and create the enabling conditions for real, lasting change. Mariana Gil/WRI Brasil

Cities are places of opportunity — and inequality. They are where more than half the world’s population will experience the impacts of climate change. They’re also part of the solution.

This podcast highlights Seven Transformations for More Equitable and Sustainable Cities, the culminating synthesis of WRI’s World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City. The report presents the results of six years of research, showing that income and GDP can no longer be the sole measures of poverty and a city’s success. It lays out seven crucial transformations and detailed recommendations for key actors to help them reimagine urban service provision, include the excluded, and create the enabling conditions for real, lasting change.

In this episode, we hear from Ani Dasgupta, WRI’s President and CEO, along with Anjali Mahendra, Director of Global Research at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and Robin King, Director of Knowledge Capture and Collaboration at WRI Ross Center — all three of whom are co-authors on the report.

WRI's Big Ideas Into Action podcast · Big Ideas Into Action #31: Towards a more equal city

Read and download the report here. Learn more about the Towards a More Equal City series at

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