Folding Bikes Gain Popularity in Brazil

A version of this post was originally published in Portuguese by Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti on TheCityFix Brasil on December 12, 2011. 

Compact, practical and stylish folding bicycles have been catching the attention of  urban cyclists everywhere. The bicycles can be transported by metro or bus, and even on the roof of a car, without adding to problems of space. In addition to being convenient, the bicycles also draw attention because of their original design.

Based in Brazil, Caloi is the largest bicycle company in Latin America. The company wasted no time and launched its collection of folding bikes, with a 100 percent Brazilian model called Caloi City, which TheCityFix Brasil highlighted here. To advertise its new folding bicycles, Caloi released an illustrated video showing the convenience of the bikes. The video is as stylish as the bikes themselves. 

Watch the video above!

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