Friday Fun: Five imaginary cities we wish we could visit

Coruscant – Star Wars

The Galactic City at sunset. Photo courtesy of Wookieepedia.

The Galactic City at sunset. Photo courtesy of Wookieepedia.

The Star Wars city of Coruscant is so massive, it requires a new urban planning term: “ecumenopolis” – a city that covers the entire planet. The capital of the galaxy for millennia, Coruscant gives a whole new meaning to the idea of megacities. A visit to this planet would help show how dense a city can be – Coruscant certainly knows how to build up! But we would be saddened by a disturbing lack of green space. We can only assume all of Coruscant’s food is imported from other planets, since there’s certainly no farmland left. Now that’s urban sprawl.

The Shire – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Photo by Evgenij Lem.

After yesterday’s post about biophilic cities, we’re excited about green walls, green roofs, and pocket parks. But JRR Tolkien’s Hobbits know better than anyone how to integrate nature into their “urban environment.” Forget green walls – how about a hobbit hole? You can even learn how to build your own.

Gallifrey  – Doctor Who

Gallifrey in the Doctor Who episode, “The Sound of Drums.” Photo courtesy of Tardis Data Core – Wikia.

In addition to keeping time for the universe, the Time Lords of Gallifrey seem to have a pretty good understanding of urban development. Their compact city has absolutely no sprawl – instead, the Capitol is bounded by an enormous transparent dome. As visitors we could expect to enjoy beautiful views of the planet’s strange red foliage and stunning mountains.

The Emerald City – The Wizard of Oz

Original illustration by William Wallace Denslow for L Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Scan by BibliOddessy.

Nothing says green city quite like the Emerald City of Oz. Although one might argue that it’s more of a “green wash” than a city filled with plant and animal life, we could help these already green residents make their city more sustainable with beautiful green walls and natural public spaces. Hot air balloon as a mode of transport is pretty cool too.

Hogsmeade – Harry Potter

Hogsmeade at Harry Potter World.

Hogsmeade at Harry Potter World. Photo by Molly.

More of a small town than a city, we have just one reason to visit Hogsmeade – butter beer! That, and the sustainable transport options galore. From taking the train at Hogsmeade station to the walkability of the town, to truly alternative modes of transport like the tunnel running from the shrieking shack to the edge of Hogsmeade for the more adventurous visitors, this town has it all.

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