Deadline extended for 2014 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship applications
Dr. Leon "Lee" J. Schipper. Photo by EMBARQ.

The deadline to submit applications for the 2014 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency has been extended to January 3, 2014. The Scholarship is awarded annually to an extraordinary candidate to honor the legacy of Dr. Leon J. Schipper, a co-founder of EMBARQ (pictured above). Photo by EMBARQ.

Last month, EMBARQ and the Schipper Family announced a call for applications for the 2014 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency. In order to accommodate sustained interested in the Scholarship, the committee has elected to extend the deadline for expressions of interest to Friday, January 3, 2014. Those who have already submitted their applications do not need to reapply. It is hoped that this extension will expand the opportunity for interested, qualified candidates to submit full expressions of interest. This is a great opportunity for TheCityFix readers!

The Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship is provided jointly by the Schipper Family and EMBARQ, the sustainable transport and urban planning program of the World Resources Institute (WRI). The Scholarship will award an extraordinary candidate up to $10,000 to advance transformative research in efficient and sustainable transport, and honor the legacy of Dr. Leon J. Schipper (“Lee” or “Mr. Meter”).

Dr. Schipper was a co-founder of EMBARQ who dedicated his professional life to the efficient use of energy in mobility. An international physicist, researcher, and studied musician, Lee was a giant in the energy efficiency field. This Scholarship celebrates his vision and the bold challenges to conventional wisdom he gave to the field. 2013 scholarships were awarded to Ms. Fei Li (China) and Mr. Sudhir Gota (India).

Scholarship details

The Scholarship is aimed at expanding the contributions to research and policy dialogue in the field of sustainable transport and energy efficiency, with a special emphasis on “iconoclastic” contributions that have clear, transformative outputs and contribute to measurable changes. Proposals are welcome from across the different stages that nurture policy dialogue, including: data collection and data quality, diagnosis through data analysis (qualitative and quantitative), policy analysis and evaluation, and interdisciplinary and international comparative analysis.

There are no geographical restrictions on applications for the Scholarship, so researchers and students of all national origins and fields are eligible to apply. For more information about the Scholarship please refer to the Scholarship’s website. Those who are interested can apply here by Friday, January 3, 2014. Please note that this date is final and non-negotiable. Selected finalists will then be notified in February 2014.

Questions about the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship can be directed to

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