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New research from EMBARQ can improve planners’ understanding of how to design safer intersections for pedestrians. Photo by Nicolae Duduta/EMBARQ.
Understanding how intersection and signal design impact pedestrian behavior
Pedestrians hit by vehicles when crossing on red are 56% more likely to be severely injured than those crossing on green. While crossing on red is often assumed to be mainly an issue of poor individual pedestrian behavior, recent research ...
Mexico City's Metrobús. Photo by EMBARQ Mexico.
Saving lives with sustainable transport
Sustainable transport initiatives have gained traction in recent years in developing world cities. This trend can be seen in the growth in Bus Rapid Transit and Busway systems around the world, the new bike-sharing scheme in Mexico City, or the ...
Are VMT and GDP Really Correlated?
Are VMT and GDP Really Correlated?
People tend to drive more when the economy is in better shape.  Research has shown that vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and gross domestic product (GDP) tend to follow the same trends over time (see for example the Federal Highway Administration’s Summary of ...
The UK National Carbon Calculator
The UK National Carbon Calculator
The British newspaper the Guardian has published an interactive tool on its website that allows the user to simulate different policies at the national scale for reducing the UK’s carbon footprint. The user can opt for any number of policies, ...
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