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Photo by zer0_pt.
Friday Fun: Mapping a day in the life of the London transport system
TheCityFix discovered what quite possibly could be the world’s coolest transport-related master’s thesis project-recap video. The recent debut of the BRT in Action Newsletter, published by Santiago, Chile’s Centre of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit, included a link to Jay ...
Happy Holidays from EMBARQ!
Friday Fun: Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
For those of you out there who have yet to buy your family and friends holiday presents, consider checking off wish lists with transit-centric swag. DIY, transit provider sponsored and homespun tchotchkes and apparel exist in quantity. Consider this 3D ...
"Legible London" Maps Encourage Walking
"Legible London" Maps Encourage Walking
Transport for London (TfL), the government body in charge of Greater London’s transit system, installed pedestrian-friendly maps in strategic decision-making spots, like subway entries and bus stops, to encourage walking. In addition to being a healthy and environmentally friendly mode ...
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