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A Roadmap to Achieving 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy
A Roadmap to Achieving 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy
Over the past 10 years, large energy buyers including corporations and cities have taken major strides to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by setting 100% renewable energy targets and then purchasing renewable electricity to demonstrate progress on an annual basis.  ...
Interstate I-85 in Atlanta, Georgia, serves as both a physical transport system and a symbol of the city's often tumultuous growth. Photo by Nick Harland/Flickr.
Mobility in a Moment: Capturing Urban Life in Photos, Part Two
Ah, big city   The fate of achieving your progress   Was constant and unbridled expansion   And the same road that drains your riches   Divides your people   And leaves a scar   Irremediable, irreparable. – Guillermo Petzhold ### ...
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