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How Mobility-as-a-Service Can Encourage Greener Travel
How Mobility-as-a-Service Can Encourage Greener Travel
A new digital platform being piloted in cities around the world is making public transportation more efficient, economical and accessible, while encouraging low-carbon travel. Mobility-as-a-Service is an on-demand service that integrates various forms of transportation services into a single platform accessible ...
Learnings from the G7 Roundtable on Subnational Climate Actions
Learnings from the G7 Roundtable on Subnational Climate Actions
With recognition of the vital role of both subnational and national governments in the climate agenda, the G7 Roundtable on Subnational Climate Actions was established by the G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers Meeting in 2023 under the presidency of Japan. The ...
Do you ever wish bus routes better fit where you actually want to go? New startups are changing the way routes are designed, and they could be launching a revolution in ‘smart’ bus transport. Photo by Ken Power/Flickr.
Friday Fun: The bus that goes where you go
Startups like Uber are revolutionizing personal transport in cities worldwide, providing on-demand services at a relatively low price. Can the same thing be done for bus transport? Imagine requesting a bus from your phone, and having it drop you off ...
Helsinki’s “mobility on demand” system will integrate a variety of transport options and could make car ownership obsolete. Photo by Justin Swan/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Two cities’ bold plans to make cars obsolete
Helsinki, Finland and Hamburg, Germany are both striving to vastly improve urban transport in less than a generation. The Helsinki Times boldly states that “the future resident of Helsinki will not own a car.” Hamburg, meanwhile, has announced a plan ...
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