Introducing the Islamic Car


Malaysian car manufacturer, Proton, along with partners in Iran and Turkey, are developing what they call the “Islamic car,” outfitted with a compass to tell the direction of Mecca and compartments for storing a headscarf and Koran. The idea came when Malaysian businessmen took a trip to the Middle East and found that there was a latent demand for a car with these amenities.

As the cost of car production plummets and incomes continue to rise, especially in the developing world, more and more people who were once unable to afford a car are now finding that a personal automobile is not out of their price range. Car manufactures like Proton are highly aware of this demographic shift, looking beyond the traditional consumer and tailoring their products to meet the needs of the new market.

According to the Economic Times, Proton is looking to market its automobiles in India, one of the fastest growing car markets and the country with second largest Muslim population in the world (Via IndianRaj).

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