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Air quality and smog in China. Photo by Niccoló Mazzati/Flickr.
Air pollution in China forces short-term responses, requires long-term solutions
As severe air pollution grips Beijing, China and the surrounding region, the sharp rise in harmful particulate matter has forced authorities to consider both immediate responses and long-term strategies to combat air pollution. The current situation The height of the ...
Crowded subway car in Beijing, China. Photo by Filipe Fortes/Flickr.
Will raising Beijing’s subway fare be enough to improve service quality and combat mounting subsidies?
As we discussed last week on TheCityFix, Beijing’s municipal government is currently considering a controversial proposal that would reform the city’s low subway fare structure. If approved, the proposal would raise the standard subway fare in an effort to alleviate ...
Rush hour at Guomao Station on the Beijing subway. Photo by Jens Schott Knudsen/Flickr.
Beijing’s subway fare increase, justified
Beijing’s subway system – one of the longest in the world at 469 kilometers (289 miles) of track – is confronted by excessive congestion and costly government subsidies. In an extremely controversial move, the city government has decided to increase ...
Beijing traffic congestion
Beijing’s parking woes: Is there any end in sight?
What do the time-honored hutong – quintessential narrow alleys of Beijing that date back to the Qing dynasty – and danwei – organized work and housing complexes from the pre-1979 era –have in common? Apart from the fact that neither ...
Beijing bans street barbeques in effort to improve air quality
Beijing bans street barbeques in effort to improve air quality
Banning street barbecues is Beijing’s latest effort at improving air quality. Photo by Kaj17. Given China’s population growth, and rapid urbanization, Beijing is on its way to becoming a super city – a city with a population greater than 20 ...
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